Moving :3

Since my parents are getting divorced (I actually don’t care anymore since it’s been giving me the maximum stress in the past) I’m most likely moving to L.A. with my mom, only my mom. (I am her favorite child) My siblings are either going with my dad or go to Belgium to my Aunt. My mom has the famousish friend who has this giant ass house PLUS I’ve been dying to go to America since I had a brain.

I WONT GO if my dad finds out cause my dad really doesn’t like my mom’s friend, and if he does find out he’s probably gonna lock my mom in the attic.
(I’m going in June or some shit)
EDIT : Going as soon as I get a green card :3

Well Vaio. Let me tell you about America!

[size=36pt]AMERICA. FUCK YEAH!

Who’s the friend? I’m curious O_o

Pfft… I wish.

Why not Canada? :smiley:

CANADA ES BEST!!! Canada est meilleure!

It seems odd to me that someone from PCB is moving close to where I am. Welcome to the neighborhood?

Not my choice :3

And Hard, London isn’t much better than America

well either way i hope it goes smoothly for you. and hope that the stress level goes down when all is said and done.

Yes, good luck vaio! Enjoy America and I hope it works out…

lol. It seems we do not have too many Californians on here, which surprises me considering we have Silicon Valley XD

Why thank yew :smiley:

I lived in Los Gaots, small world.

oh yeah, well i live in Franklinton NORTH CAROLINA! top that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha. That’s where Steve Woz lives.

North Wales surrounded by fields. (which usually have cows in them. not sheep. stfu ouhai.)