Mountain Fortress/Castle/Town on Creative

I was thinking about building a massive fortress in creative and I need help. I have a basic idea of what it will look like. Here’s a handy screenshot of the site:

If you imagine a rectangle the midpoint of the shortest edge will be at the red and black pillar - I’m not sure about the other dimensions yet. At the yellow pillar will be the keep which leads down to a nice lake and gardens at the barely visible orange pillar. So yeah, it’s kinda big.

I need quite a bit of help with this project but before it goes ahead I just need to check if the creative map will be reset along with survival at 1.7. Once that’s cleared up I propose starting work. Anybody who wishes to take part please let me know. This is on creative by the way.

[size=2em]The coords are 787, 115, 832. It’s a bit close to epic’s house but that appears to have been built a little while ago. I might ask him first. We’ve got the all clear!

EDIT: I’ve now marked out the rough size of the castle in cyan wool.

[size=1.35em]The List Of Things to do

[ul][li][size=medium]Build Wall Base Done![/li]
[li][size=1.35em]Expand wall so it matches height of higher bit[/li]
[li][size=1.35em]Create inner wall and battlements[/li][/ul]

Might? You will ask him first. Kapeesh? Ver goot.

I like your project Octo, but brodur is right. It really is a good idea to ask anyone who is near if such a project is okay with them. Have you seen epic around to ask?

I’ve asked him now and he said it’s okay! ;D I’m starting to build the walls. Once I’ve got that done anybody who wants to help can. I should finish that definitely by the weekend.

So will the creative map be reset or just survival?

As far as I know, just survival. Creative will still get the benefits of new blocks for you to use and all.

as long as i can get warp or coordinates, ill be glad to help :slight_smile:

There are now a whole range of exciting things to do. We need to make buildings and towers and battlements ect. If anybody wants to help let me know and I’ll assign you a job.

Can someone add a warp or some easy way to get there? I really wanna help :slight_smile:

That would be quite helpful as this is a large project. Obviously I can’t do that but someone else could. ???

Secret Ninja Edit: I’m firing up ps right now to do a basic ground plan. This is going to be more of a castle than a fort (i.e: buildings inside and towers and a keep). If anybody wants a look at a similar castle I’m basing this of Framlington Castle in Suffolk, UK.

(There will be more buildings inside)

I’m wheeling out the bribe machine:
A STACK OF DIAMONDS for anybody that takes part!

Sorry for the double post but it got a bit drowned out by enderderps and murdered villagers.

I would love to help you UkOcto! It seems to be a pretty epic project :slight_smile:

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