More Downtime

[s]Our hosts are undergoing maintenance and have taken down all servers temporarily. Before bringing the server up, we will be switching to the new world we have been migrating to for the past 2 weeks.

Thank you for your patience[/s]

Operation complete!

no problem xD

The warehouse is in the new world but none of the town surrounding the warehouse was moved because it was down when I came on to do it. Soooo unless somebody did it while I was gone, I would suggest doing that before we cut off the old world.

So this is the final switch?

What’s the timeframe for this update? (Not to be impatient, im just wondering if its a specific one-day event or if its an on-off modification over a period of time.)

I’ve done it already.

Our box is back online and I am currently scanning and repairing bad chunks. The server should be up in around 15 minutes

I assume the server is up since the last post was posted over 5 hours ago :stuck_out_tongue: