Monty Oum

Hey everyone, I wanted to share some of the amazing works done by the man in the title. I put them in order of oldest to newest I know of. These are not all of his works.

haloid HD

Dead Fantasy
Dead Fantasy Full HD (Part1,2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8) In True HD [High Definition - 1920x1080p]

Red Vs Blue
No way I’m linking this. Most of season 10 was his animation.

RWBY “Red” Trailer
RWBY “White” Trailer
RWBY “Black” Trailer
RWBY “Yellow” Trailer

I’m currently in love with this one. The weapons alone were neat. Showed the first vid to my father and he had no interest. Why not? He says the action was too fast…

He helped with: Megaman X Fanimation by Shane Newville
Megaman fans will like this one.

=D I remember these. I show them off to friends all the time who are oblivious

You know all of them? I brought this up because his RWBY series is new to me. Just saw the Megaman one too. Was linked to the RWBY wiki.

RWBY is a new one that premieres in about 3 weeks at Rooster Teeth’s expo.

im not familiar with all of them, however Haloid and Dead Fantasy both came out when i was in High School and i watched them both then

His Red vs Blue animations are just amazing!

Meh, that depends on your perspective. For example, his “professional level” work is in Red vs Blue. I doubt you or anyone can say season 10 has bad animation. Even with the new work for RWBY, it is explicitly stated that they are trailers for what the work will be. Crass is right that the “full” version will be out in about three weeks.

I did not like the third RWBY one as it was REALLY cliched and the voice acting from Ruby… Clearly there is room for improvement. Because it is being done by Rooster Teeth, I trust the final work will be better.

If you happen to know ANY fan based animation that is better, please share!