Monarch Build Contest - Row House Edition

Welcome to PCB’s first build contest of 2021!

From grand townhouses to low income family homes, row houses come in many different forms. It’s time to show us how you would make one.

The contest will run from now until 26th January at 11:59pm GMT. That’s 2 weeks from now!

Rules are as follows:

  1. Row houses must be between 12 and 20 blocks wide. They can be as deep and as tall as you like. You can build multiple next to each other if you wish, but each unit must be this width.

  2. As they are row houses, there should be no doors/windows etc. on the side edge blocks of the plots. These edge walls can be used for interior wallpaper, as they will end up hidden by the neighboring house.

  3. The builds should fit the theme of a modern day city. Note that this does NOT mean exclusively modern architecture.

  4. The builds must be to the correct scale of Monarch - room height should be a minimum of 5 blocks.

  5. Interiors are not required, but will be taken into consideration when deciding the winner.

  6. Please include a back garden/yard.

  7. Please don’t use AST for detailing - the builds will need to be copy/pasted with WorldEdit, and these don’t copy.

  8. Team entries are allowed, but some prizes (gift cards) may only be available to one member of the team.

  9. You may enter as many times as you like, but prize placements are restricted to one per person/team.

Aside from these limitations, please be as creative as you like!

All builds which follow these rules will be used within Monarch.

Builds will be judged by Gordo, Tomicalover, Wairoa, and myself. We will be judging the builds on their aesthetic, realism, and level of detail.

To enter, build your row house anywhere on the Creative map, and post below with the co-ordinates of the build. For teams, please also include the names of all team members.

And now for the important bit:


1st Place

  • 6 months of donator perks
  • £10 Steam gift card (approx. US$13.63 as of writing)
  • Forum badge

2nd Place

  • 3 months of donator perks
  • £4 Steam gift card (approx. US$5.45 as of writing)
  • Forum badge

3rd Place

  • 1 month of donator perks
  • Forum badge

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Good luck!


Entry withdrawn
Sorry I didn’t realise it had to be a modern build.

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Reminder that you guys have 1 week left to get your entries in!

World: Youtube
Coords: -1830 23 -8

Coords: 6285, 70, -5955

World: Creative
Coords: 6109 70 -15860

World: YouTube
Coords: -1312 26 0

Just under 24 hours left!

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World: big_city_2020
Coords: -6240 72 -11158

Thanks for all your entries! We will review the submissions and announce the winners shortly!

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And the results are in!

3rd Place: @ayush123

2nd Place: @Vexnorz

and fianlly…

1st Place: @Mike_053


Donator perks and forum badges will be awarded soon have been awarded.
Please DM me to claim your Steam gift cards!