Mojam Humble Bundle games?

Hey, so anyone that donated and got the 9 games in return from various creators,
have you tried any of them out yet?
What do you think about them?
Which is your favorite so far?
Would you donate again to get more games like these?
Did you donate more for the cause or for the games rewarded?

Don’t feel obligated to answer all of the questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Also… How do I play the games Mojang released? Are they not available yet for playing or am I missing something?

Here’s a link to the webpage.

Yeah, I’ve seen that, its just that they don’t tell you what to do with the files once you download them.

Extract them.

How to extract:

  1. right click
  2. press extract
  3. Open and have fun :smiley:

If you knew this, ignore this message.

Yeah, I tried to extract them… but its still just a bunch of files xD which one do I click on to start it up?

most likely a .exe or some sort of setup/autorun or similarly named file

Just bought this. Thanks for that, humblebundle forgot to e-mail it me…