I like to download mods a bit so I was wondering if I am able to install a mod called the Timber Mod 1.4.7.

Here is the link to take a look at the mod.

Link: Is not here

Tell me if I can.

FYI: our server only runs plugins not mods so NO

Ok, thanks andy ill delete the link.


Servers can’t take advantage of Mods you install most of the time. This will only work in single player for you.

I believe he was asking if he can use mods on the server, (I also may be incredibly off). The rule is no malicious mods (mods that are instant kills or give the upper hand to one certain player. You can use non malicious mods like optifine and mods along those lines. I’m not sure where the timber mod will fall under.

OK, any mods that edit files so that the actual game is edited (new blocks, new mobs ect.) are allowed because they cannot be used while on the server. They can be installed, but you can’t use any of their features. Mods that affect how your character moves also fall under this category. If you have the smart moving mod or whatever it’s called, you will see the actions, but will not be able to move through 1x1 gaps for example.

Mods that only edit your client (x-ray, flymod ect.) Are generally not allowed. Flymod is permitted for Trusted+ but assume that any mods like this are not allowed unless specifically stated.

im pretty sure there was a plugin that does what exactly timber mod does. i remember this server that had that kind of plugin.

Ah HA heres the plugin

[s]i recommend using classic timber. read the stuff at the end.

[/s]random comment from user:
taylormarek Dec 7, 2012 at 12:36 - 0 likes Plugin works great except for one MAJOR problem. This plugin overrides any protected area and breaks the logs placed by players onto their homes and also breaks privated doors.

forget about this mod