mods on pcb

Hey all, random here with a question. Since boats are banned because of the server lag they create, is it possible to install a mod some people might know called the “Zepplen mod”?? just curious to know if it’s possible because it’s a great mod to use.

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Definitely no… because Hard will get hold of the mod and take the whole of bigcity for a fly and then the server will explode.


And from what I’ve seen of that mod, it will create MUCH more lag than a puny boat.

Short answer no.

Long answer… The mod hasnt really been developed since 1.2.5 as of yet. Back then it was still classed some what as a alpha mod as it had SOOO many bugs. It would crash really often on a single player game with one person so I can only Imagen what 10+ people using it at the same time would do to our server.
Also I do not believe that there is a multi player version for it anyway as its (currently) a singleplayer mod.

Whu. in short i love your answer lmao

sorry Hard lol

This server does not do mods, only plugins. Just FYI.

ok all thanks for the information justed wanted to know + whu he’d probs take half the map with him XD no offence hard