Modern House Contest

As 1.7 is getting closer, Farcoast IV is finalizing plans for the new map. However, we are still in need of a design that all of the houses in the modern/upper-class district will go off of. The house needs to have fairly large rooms, but not huge, and 2-3 floors. The design can be made in creative, or survival. The contest will end somewhere between Christmas and New Years, and the winner will receive $500. Good luck!

i’ll go for this and even if i don’t win i’m putting 500 more dollars to the pot :smiley: have fun people!!!

I’ll put in $2,000 more, modern houses need to awesome! I’ll also enter as well.

I am confused… All the homes in the Modern district will be basically the same design? If so I would just rather live in Freebuild or somewhere else and make my own house. If I build a large modern home, I’m making it my way. I am putting my effort into something I want and payed for. I do have a home I could enter, but I cannot upload the photos for whatever reason. I will try and figure it out at another time.

Sorry for the confusion, I meant that we want them to have similar materials. All houses will have their own unique design.

I’ll enter! What kind of plot area should we keep in? Like 10x15 or something?

Good question, I’ll let you know sometime tonight when I get home and decide.

Thank you for the answer! I have no problem with using similar materials. But something that I will say is that when I make modern homes, i use stone, spruce wood, and quartz. I usually use ice windows, but since it will be 1.7 I would like to use stained glass windows.

Done, telaport to x -802, y 64, z 509 to see it.

Try and build it within a 40x40

I would like to enter the competition

Ok, just post the coordinates when you’re done. With all of the money contributed, the winner will now get 3,000!

I’m not joining but ive already started my 1.7 house.


what tex pack is that?

Faithful I think. I may build something for this comp.

i like how simple and Minimalistic nams design is :stuck_out_tongue:

$3,000 to the best design! Don’t forget to enter and post the coordinates here!

I might build a new house, but idk yet. I have not had time with semester exams and what not. Maybe over the 2 week Christmas break I can make a new modern mansion, because I am not very with the one you saw, robin. I’ll decide yes or no soon!

When does this contest end?

Around New Years.