So I had a nice Christmas gift from the PCB Staff, which was Moderator. Thank you guys ;D <3

welcome to the team, now go get me a coffee, temp. Medium iced mocha swirl extra extra from dunkies, get a hotcup for it too. chop chop time is money and money is not something you’ll earn as a volunteer!


Anyways, welcome to les lemons

There’s no Dunkin Donut’s in Canada so is Tim Horton’s Alright?

Tim Horton’s is better than Dunkin Donuts. Welcome to the team!

Drive down to the US, its better than tim hortons


Congrats on attaining Moderator, masterboatman. I hope you do a great job as a part of the staff team.

I’d rather stay in Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

Still have Robin’s Donuts though. :stuck_out_tongue: