Model of the Biggest Airport in PCB

Hello PCB.
This airport isn’t like all the others, small, 3 airplanes and stuff like that, I am talking of an airport of 3 terminals, international, regional and private. Int., Reg. and Cargo Hangars with a military area eventually.

The international terminal has 21 gates, regional 6 gates + 6 parkings. Private 12 parkings.

I have spare hangars so if you want your city’s airline in my airport dont doubt to ask.

The project is going to start today.
Help is well accepted.

Here are some images:

Edit:If you want a specific hangar or gate for your airplane/airline, don’t hesitate to ask.

I have free INternational, regional and cargo hangars for your airlines

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In my entire 5 years on here, not once has anyone ever completed an airport of even a moderate size and scale.

Don’t let that 100% fail-rate discourage you. Best of luck!

I will finish it! *Hopes the creative map doesn’t reset tomorrow

Good luck, as wairo said no one has ever finished one xD and I’m one of those people aha. Stay dedicated!

Looks good so far.

At the moment Firi asked me to reserve a gate for his airplane in T1.
Feel free to mail me if you want to reserve a gate or parking in the airport and specify airline and terminal.

Well done :smiley:

I understand, Wairoa, that few people have built a moderately sized airport. But, I wouldn’t say nobody. You probably overlooked the map.

Freehold’s airport is truly an airport to consider moderately sized.


Sincerely, I do give you the best of luck, Dan. Airports built to scale are not easy to complete, and they require a lot of time and effort.

Why do you need 3 runways for 4 planes? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have three runways, I will have more room for more planes, but there’s currently one that can only hold up to three.

Keyword: Completed
It isn’t that big at all as it is.

Super excited for this! Keep us updated!

Palmont’s Airport Project rivals yours,
May the best airport win and
May the force be with you.

An airport can still function with a runway. I haven’t built the interior of the terminal, but you can still walk from the entrance to the gates. The rest of the airport is planned to be expanded.

Thank you guys! It would be highly appreciated if some of you wanted to help! I am currently building the airport myself and I would love to share ideas and work! Thanks Firideeks for your help!

Update 0.1

T2 (regional departures & arrivals) has its first check in gates!! (Delta, American Airlines, Wairlines and DA airlines)

Security check W.I.P.

The airport is trying to connect and making a connection to Palmont (Avalon->Palmont) (International or Regional?) still to decide @Vexnorz (Maybe even host Palmont’s airline eventually)

BTW I love Palmont’s airport! Looks amazing!

See you later!

Great looking airport. Would love to see this. :smiley:
(Inside I am totally AV geeking out)
Please reserve one hangar and international gate for me if possible.
If you need help let me know!

(Btw, I wouldn’t put the control tower next to a runway, but thats just me!

Good luck my dude! ;D

Thank you!!
Can I please know your airline name and your city name? maybe you could show me ur logo c:

when its complete/has an open terminal could we put some Air Lucite planes there?

Sure! What Terminal? T1 T2 or T3?