Modded Minecraft HellScape 1.7.10 - Installation guide. (Deprecated)

Installation guide!

There are a few different ways to install this modpack, One of the easiest methods is to use the curse launcher.

  1. Download curse here; (you will also have to make an account)

  2. Launch curse and set it up to begin with, it will ask you about layout and theme.

  3. Access the minecraft menu (left hand side creeper face) and create a new profile

  4. Name the profile. Use Version 1.7.10 of minecraft, use the version of forge for the modloader

  5. Select the new profile you have just created and open up the installation folder (top right triple dots ‘…’ then open folder.)

  6. Download the mods and the configs (300mb ish) here;
    6a. Just the configs here:

  7. Extract both the configs folder and the mod folder to your new profile (overwriting the mods folder already there)

  8. Run your newly made profile. It will download all the necessary files to run.

  9. Join the server!

If you have any issues during this process or after installing, Talk to us on team-speak or message me, kyle, and crass on steam.

I have been replaced, RIP.

Nicely done though Fatso!

Bit of advice about the Curse launcher:

Change your settings as you like, but please look at the options at least. Questionable settings I changed:

  1. Clicking x to close Curse (default is minimize, why?)
  2. Do not start Curse when Windows starts (again, why?)
  3. No not receive Newsletter. (Default sends you mail…)
  4. Turned off notifications (I use this to launch MC only)
  5. Disable in-game overlay. (Important for those with slower computers! Otherwise, just annoying)

There may be more options, but these should be standard IMO.

There have been some config changes so the Dropbox has been updated as a warning for any current players.

Fixed link to dropbox. It’s still using an imbedded link.

In future could you put the configs in a separate link as well so we don’t have to keep downloading all the mods?

Another small configs changed, separate link solely for configs added to the guide.