Mod made FOR mods! must have!

Now, everyone is getting tired of re-installing mods since 1.6.4 suddenly went to 1.6.5, but now you can install it with double clicking!

My brother has been coding alot of shit recently and he was way too lazy to re-install the mods he had from 1.6.4 and so he made a mod called minstall, a mod that installs mods by double clicking! Tell your friends, tell you family, even tell your dead grandma :slight_smile:
There’s now a facebook page, please leave a like if possible!

Tell him nice work, this looks pretty polished. I know this kind of thing isnt super easy so, props.

You are very welcome ;D

If he can, he should add SDK’s guns, and the plane mod, as theyre a bitch to install and this would make it so much easier for people xD

EDIT: Problem- Keeps saying there is an update, going to download page, re download it, update, download page, etc.

EDIT2: I think the download link for windows on the download page isnt linking to the right download, it still gives 1.2_55

I’ll tell him

try now

EDIT now you can just click the mod you want and it will download everything for u!

WOW thx for posting this ill definitely give it ago sounds amazing tell him nice job… and im a programmer too :slight_smile:

wow vai tell your bro that he did a great job. i was always to lazy to download the super long mods or i screwed something up when i tried :slight_smile:

You’re all welcome :smiley:

Shmexy, Is your brother like, Chuck Norris or something?

My bro is Indiana Jones :smiley:

Nice! I’m not going to try again yet, as I realised I don’t want to update my minecraft yet, so I can stay on the server! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, my bro told me he didn’t want me to spread the word around yet until it was completely finished, but I had it, I know I’m not the only lazy miner out there.

This sounds great. I’ll be trying this out for sure.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Yeehee, bro here.
More detailed post is on

Ok, I told my dead grandma. She says it looks great!

Tell her she needs to like the facebook page!

My bro indeed.