Mod for server: higher vertical building limit?

I have been thinking for a bit. We have many skyscrapers in our server, many tall buildings, but I can guess that people get pissed by the height limit. The alternative is lowering the ground level. If you do that it a city, most of the time, you have to dig a large hole in which the building fits. Problem is that you need alot of space in order to make it look impressive. Best way to make a building look impressively huge is by making an equally impressively huge crater to put it in. Making these craters is often tedious (unless W/E), and a city often doesnt have room for a crater anyway.

Now I do remember something about a mod that increases the height limit. I don’t know how the mod is called, but I am pretty sure that it can be found at MCForums. With this mod, we could get a little more creative with our structures, at least.


Sounds good.

Lag? Possibly create bad chunks? I don’t know.

Depends on the mod. If done correctly, it won’t have any bad effects. Same can be said for a poorly made plugin.

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I remember reading on the Bukkit forums that while Notch made it possible to now change the map height, it’s not practical as of yet as it creates too many issues, or something along those lines.

I’m all for changing the map height for our servers, but not until it is safe

one plugin that could reduce lag would be the plugin Nolagg, i tried it on my server and it really did well

When last I checked, NoLagg didn’t have any features asides from mob spawn limiting and chunk loading delay. Looking at it now, the item buffering, chunk direction loading and TNT syncing sounds really nifty.

I might give that a go when I get a chance. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

What kind of issues does it create? It could bug the terrain generator, but what else?

Mainly it puts a strain on the server having to load essentially double the amount of data (the current amount * the number of chunks upwards to map height). Some weird chunk generation artifacts have also been known to occur

Maybe we just should try it out first. If it lags the server to hell, then it won’t be implemented, but if it doesn’t create any major issues, then it is safe to be implemented. For the chunk generation artifacts, maybe it’s possible to code a chunk generation block limit, which should prevent natural blocks from being generated at a certain level.

the current amount * the number of chunks upwards to map height
Is it also possible to just extend the Y of the chunks, instead of generating a second layer of chunks on top of the normal ones? I do not know if it would have any benefit.

your welcome andy