Mod application.

So, a few days ago I sent in a mod application, if i did not get chosen yall could atleast send me a message saying so, like last time! ;D I’m not mad or anything just curious as to why I have not been informed of any decision on my possible promotion. :smiley: :smiley: :o

Don’t worry man, believe it or not, your request is still getting replies. I think its about done though. You will know soon.

If I do recall, quite awhile back I told Andy to add a disclaimer on the application so that people would read it and understand it.

Basically it was a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” sort of thing. If you don’t hear from us for at least 1-2 weeks then you weren’t chosen. It really saves us time and difficulty in that we don’t have to tell people that their app was denied.

sorry nek! :smiley: i didnt hear of that! time has been flying and well, i had thought it had been a week since i had submitted it. :3