mod app thing

This might ruin my chances of making it for mod but i would like to have some questions.

Is it best for probuilders to do the op or is there a fair chance for anyone who has been on this server for a while? I think that if i had a server even GUESTS can make it as long as they have been helpful and kind.
Kyle might of said somthing like that or maybe fatso. Well im a HORRIBLE builder. and i guess im not gonna make it becuase this thread…

OPs doesn’t require good building skills, we encourage the attitude of the person,their experience, and the length of time being on the server (to be considered as trusted) as the basis of being promoted as OP. Everyone, even with different ranks, has a fair chance of being OP, as long as they can prove that :

They have a good attitude towards others.
They are mature enough to handle responsibilities of an OP.
Experienced enough to handle new commands (Or willing enough to be trained)
Trusted well by some-to-most staffs.
Good enough to handle specific tasks as an OP (Reviews, etc.)

Well that all I can think for now, but let’s just say that having a high rank tells us that you’ve been in the community for quite a while that you achieved that certain rank. So yeah, rank gives you a little ‘edge’.

Honestly, when we review you application, most of the te we are grading on how well written an thought out it is. Some times when we really know the person and think that they are mod material, then we can tend to over look how amazing the application has to be.

You should add me to your list of vouches :stuck_out_tongue:

hm you wernt there when i did my mod app. BUT… your added if any op is reading!

Lol, you already made an app? ???


Did you make the app today, cuz I haven’t seen anything yet.

it was a while back… just tell the others you vouch for me.

Oh, if you haven’t been promoted by now, there is a good chance that it got turned down. I think if you where to wait a while, and write a very well thought out app, then there would be a better chance for it to be accepted.

yeah good idea. SO i like to know lots of info about things im doing so can anyone give me good details about how you grade it etc.

andy, these applications for us staff are very confidential. Honestly, give it your best shot when you feel you are ready to undertake the responsibility of being a staff member. If we told you everything about it, what would be the point of hiding them from the average member? xD