Mob Traps

:o can anyone make a blue print and send me it of a mob trap for endermen? I would really appreciate it, thanks. :o


Do you mean one that can’t be destroyed by endermen? Or that they cant escape from? Or just one which will spawn them?

I’ll try and answer for all things xD

To spawn them - 3 high dark room.
Non destroyable - I can’t think of any specific inexpensive blocks at the moment, I think planks would work, as they are placed by a player.
Non escapable - Don’t think its possible. You can’t use dispenser traps, as they will tp dodge them, can’t use lava/water/fire, as they will tp away… piston crushing? I haven’t tried that, it might work. The only other option is to trap them, and kill them by hand.

EDIT: Falling traps! They should work also, if you can think of a way to push the endermen to the hole without water.


World Download:

I was told that enderman mob traps where banned until further notice due to the amout of money they were making?!

Not yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok i made one i need to get as much gold/enderman pearls until it gets banned LOL


.> i swear…

you get one more chance and im gonna temp ban you from the forum… you’ve been warned


Though this forum is locked, I’ll add this to ideas.
Fire burns endermen without making them runaway.

What part of don’t Necro a thread don’t you two get? PLEASE post a new thread if you wanna talk about this.