Mob Griefing

Mob griefing is turned on in survival. Idk if its supposed to or not but it is not good at all. Things are getting blown up in peoples towns. If it is supposed to be on it should be turned off.

It was never supposed to be off.

People need to deal with it, creepers are part of the game.

Yeah basic creepers are a large part of survival and they have been turned off on survival on PCB ever since i have been here. To be honest i don’t know if it is a good idea to have them on now or not. I think an announcement should have been made as most people have got use to creepers damaging you but not your blocks.

The problem is that they might be used by griefers to purposely blow up structures or access restricted areas…

Its been off on the previous two maps at least

Even i don’t remember the block damage portion of their attacks ever being on because of the whole issue of using them to grief other people’s shit. They always hurt you though

Agreed with Wairoa^

Health damage yes, block damage no for the sake of griefing security.

I know it is part of the game but its nothing but bad on a public server. People could use them to gain access to locked buildings without being caught. The health damage is fine from creepers but the griefing is bad. Its just not a good thing to have on a public server.

I had turned off mob griefing until there was a way to enable their damage, but still leave the griefing off. I know it’s survival, but creepers are too damaging to structures in general. I don’t care if they kill people. Endermen stealing random blocks is annoying too. Pretty sure they only steal natural blocks, but still…

There could be a way around it if you could set the creeper blast damage to 0?

I’m pretty sure block, player and other entity damage are three separate essentials configs.

Another “grief” is zombies smashing doors, which is now possible as well.

Would there be some way to prevent this for locked doors?