Mob Gauntlet

As Shad is gone for a bit, I’m hosting mob gauntlet.

It will be at 10pm on this clock

Get your teams ready!

Please RSVP at the link here:

oh man that was fun! That was my first time doing it and we were well the (lol quot from our amazing team captain koala) Thank you for hosting this Ruby cant wait for the next one! Now I am just waiting for niko to post pictures of us (the winning team)

MG Saturday @ 10PM this clock

I will try to be there!

Do you have to pay to enter?

Yes, 8 diamonds or $400

It increased?? y

that is what i wondered too. if you think about, it really is very expensive to begin with. i mean, your fight monsters and risking all your stuff. do you really want to waste your diamonds and money on that?

i too am asking why is it so expensive and raised?

Guys its to deflate the economy while having fun…

You arent risking your items though?

All your items will be repaired during/after the event. Don’t complain about the diamond buy-in, you get diamond items from it anyway.

How do you get these diamonds? In the sign up thing, it says you get unique armour an weapons, but says nothin about another kind of prize. And do we get to keep any mob drops?

what do you mean john? i’m confused at what you said

We repair your tools/armor that are used in the gauntlet…

You use diamonds that you have found in-game to buy in. Then in return you will receive enchanted diamond armour, weapons ect. Yes you can keep mob drops.

can u give a hijnt as to what kind of mobs will be in this event?

Imagine all the toughest mobs you can think of because it is usually completely random.

Normally we have a wither round at the end. Also, we have had water rounds.

No cash prize?