Misunderstanding :(

My username is: wowonice
I was banned 7:40pm april 17 2012.
I was banned from the survival server, because everybody was told me that hacks r ok if you are mem+. When I start use them then 3 people tpd to my house and I was killed and banned. TrevorLTD was there, so was keatonmw3 and gggeeee. Everybody told me that hacks were fine to use, but apparently not. I;d just like a second chance and I don’t care if they take away the stuff I got from the hack. If I get a second chance I wont use any hacks.

Please do not double post.

… no
as in anything that makes it easier to obtain valuable items in SMP are not ok

the only Modification that is allowed on SMP is the Flymod. nothing else.

I guess that it was not made clear the distinction between what kind of hacks is allowed and what isnt :S I honestly didn’t know that this was not allowed. You can take the stuff that I had, I just really love your server and want to continue playing on it. Now that there is a clear line(ONLY flymod) I promise not to screw up again.

I told you fly was allowed. No time did I say hacks.

Hard has unbanned him I am locking this topic. Since Wowonice did not state who banned him it was hard.