Some of you may have been wondering
Where the fuck is fatso? What has happened with the creative server? etc.

Well, I emailed fatso a few weeks ago, and, well. Read for yourself.


  1. shits been off the hook lately, my parents got really fucking angry with talk talk’s support so they cancled it D=… ive had no internet for fucking ages now. ive recently brought one of those 3g phone internet thingys but its absolutely useless, i would only be able to play minecraft in slowmotion and for about 5 mins before the credit on the card is used up. i really dont know when ill get the net back =[, i was gonna post about this on the forums once im finished with random shizzle XD, in the mean time i think i will have to zip up the creative server and pass it on to another person till i can host it or play the damn thing again =[, and sending that will probably kill this little dongle thing XD

sorry i haven’t really been in contact, ive missed you guys! =’[
sen my love to jet lemon vaio ruby and the rest of pcb =]

I miss you too buddy! We’ll get your internet back soon, even if we have to go all 007 on the
Internet provider’s ass!



Get Virgin Media ‘super-fast broadband’ not necessarily the 50mb/s package, but all of their packages are pretty good and have unlimited downloads.

I’m getting virgin tomorrow :smiley: I’m so glad I’m no longer having to experience mexican tacos!

Well, I am really bored sometimes XD Hope its back up soon…