Missing Inventory and Money

Hi, my name is iRubix which was recently changed from xiRubyx. I noticed that my survival inventory has been wiped and all my items are missing including armor. Also my money is reset back to $500 from like around 10-11k or something. Can I get help and see if there is anyway to revert this and get my stuff back?

-Hobo Rubix

We can definitely transfer your money from your old username to the new one. As far as inventories go, I don’t think it can be done. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You’ll need an admin or a sop to do this for you.

I was told by Busterlef to list my inventory items for a refund.

I think what was mostly important are my diamond set enchanted tools:

1 Diamond Sword - Knockback II, Sharpness IV
1 Diamond Axe - Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV
1 Diamond Shovel - Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Silk Touch I
1 Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, Fortune III
1 Diamond Pickaxe - Unbreaking III, Efficiency III, Silk Touch I

1 Diamond Helmet - Unbreaking III, Aqua Affinity I
1 Diamond Chestplate - Unbreaking II, Protection IV
1 Diamond Leggings - Unbreaking II, Blast Protection III
1 Diamond Boots - Unbreaking III, Depth Strider II

As for money wise, Wairoa has already transferred my money over. Thanks!

Wairoa has refunded my items. Thanks!

Case Closed.