mini's blacksmith repairs and renames

having trouble getting xp levels to repair and rename your items?
well come on down to mini’s blacksmith repairs and renames.

1$ per level used to repair/rename
please note that enchanted items will cost more
you can also use best offer
(best offer is when you make a deal on price)

[glow=red,2,300] i am also hiring workers so that we can give as much service as possible.[/glow]

employees will be required to do /money pay minikitkat1 half of money earned that day
this means you are getting payed to work half of what you earned for the business

do /warp Wildefay (case sensitive) turn reight 90 digrees go forwards take a right and follow the bridge to a village like blacksmiths shop and there you are!!

pleas note that employees will not always be on…

list of workers so far (i will edit the post so you know who is a worker)
minikitkat1 (or minikat):owner

pleasPM me or post on this thread to apply for a job