Mini games

Ever thought of making a mini-game part of the server if you get enough people?

(Oh yeah, can you make me SOP? :stuck_out_tongue: jk)

i’ve asked special once but he said they had too much stuff going on.
I want a Cops N Robbers Minima If possible

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by mini-game.

We host events, though lately they’ve been pretty sparse. Nam has a whole carnival with games in the survival server if you’re interested in that.

a game u can play for a few minutes wth ur buddies. mini maps games
Try searching youtube for Cops n robbers

I can remake my ultra hardcore spleef arena…but I would need W/E and the ability to spawn items. That’s not gonna happen soon

Ahh spleef… that would be pretty great to have a whole area dedicated to a spleef arena in the End :stuck_out_tongue:

Well cough I’ve got a lot of experience with the mini gamez. Just sayin.

I can make that happen…I would just need W/E and Creative.

It would take me all of a hour or 2. Depending on the size and quantity and difficulty, quality, what would be used (I.E. Signs with knockback X on it).

So you want an area full of games like Spleef and other Minecraft games? Sounds plausible.

I dunno about the upper staff spending time to work on it, but anyone else is more than welcome to try their hand at making an area like that.

I can certainly try. Id just need a ton of blocks xD

counts cobble Would 4 double chests full of cobble do?

We have Witch Ball xD Brodur’s special. I think some sort of PvP map might be cool: like Ghost Squadron!

Cops n Robbers!

If you guys ever catch me online I’ll usually be happy to organise something in the arena for you.

Anyone is welcome to make a mini-game area, but as a staff project this is denied.

i apparently didn’t see this. Hell i could make something in Creative no problem. Lemme find out where the new CMP spawn and Guest build area is, and ill whipp something up.

Sorry for posting in a locked thread, Nek, just figured i would say i will do it.