Minecraft World Cube

I am currently working on a cool project on making The Minecraft World Cube.

It is supposed to resemble this:

Currently building it on my un-owned no-mans land at the outskirts of Big City
I changed lava and water to lapis and glowstone for obvious reasons

EDIT: Thanks Goofmobber, convinced me to make the lava lava (but water is still lapis :’()

Who knows, it might be water soon! :smiley:

OH! USE ICE! an break it!

Haha this will be cool, saw this pic a few days ago :smiley:

Maybe I’ll try my hand at my own version of that. That is, if you approve of that.

sorry to rain on your parade… but don’t buildings have to be 1000 blocks away from big city?

Surely not 1000 becuase there are many buildings within 1000 blocks where they have not spread out

Basically, when BigCity expands to where any current builds are, they will get moved or demolished. To make sure your builds don’t get destroyed, don’t build in the flattened area around BigCity.

Yeah i know that already

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