Minecraft short

Real Minecraft short- Want you gone

So I recorded this yesterday When i got bored. I just uploadedit.

Anyone think its good? sorry for the bad audio. Like if you like it :3

Thanks- Sword

Audio seems fine to me. Lots of clicking though, had your mic on as well? XD

I like the song as everyone SHOULD!!! (evil stare at those who dont), but whats the video meant to show? is it like a mod showcase of the portal mod thingy mcpoop?

Ahh yes i did have my mic on forgot about that factor. Mcpoop? vhats that?

Just a saying, thingy mcpoop (my one) mcjig, mcwhatchamacallit, mcsumtingorother ect,

It’s a good start, for any future ones try to add more of a story to it.

Exactly what is that thing that was in the glass? And those white spiders?

Creeper…Creeper was in the glass. The zombie was camera happy…

Also… another Minecraft Short will be Made shortly. I have to transfer the .jar file

Oh DERP. They looked white so i was confused. :-[

Its fine. I was using a portal texture pack

I liked how the creeper blew up and the music started to fade.
You Should of added a point to the video because I didn’t know what you are doing.
It’s a nice start for youtube.

Truthfully i didnt know what i was doing. I was improvising xD. made stuff up on the spot