Minecraft Pocket edition server?

I can set one up no problem. So that isnt the initial problem. the problem is, i cant moderate it as it probably wont reconise me as the server owner. The other thing is that people would have to pay for the Multiplayer app (about 3 USD i think). Another issue, only 3 other players can play I dont think a lot of people play PE honestly

What are your thoughts? Also i havent looked into it so i could be completely wrong with the owner thing.

i honestly had no idea there could be a PE server. i pirate most of my Cell phone games anyways tbh

I am wanting to set up a 24/7 PE server, but only when people are interested.

I have one set up for griefers atm… i think its up anyways

But i have the server set off to theside anyhow. Marco, you can set up the survival one and i can host the Creative one.

The only problem with MCPE servers is that people can change their names. So unless you have a security plugin for Ip addresses(which i think exists but isnt too efficient), people can sign in under staff names or trusted names and ruin the server. Even with the plugin MCPE servers are very vulnerable to hackers. I attempted to run one and i had just about every single security plugin that exists so far and I still got griefed. People can modify their MCPE games and most of the times the anticheat for pocketmine wont pick it up. I dont really think we should run one at least not until the security is at least up to the PC security. I know that means a year or two but I think the wait is better than having all our hard work going to waste.

If you decide to actually run a Pocketmine server though, here are some thing you should remember. You should make sure you have an authentication plugin. For those of you who dont know what that is it’s basically like /register password and /login password. You should also get some custom modders to try to make a better anticheat plugin for pocketmine. I can help with some of the setup and world protection if you decide to do that. Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:


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