Minecraft Maritime Screenshot Competiton?

Would it be to strict for a screenshot competition of only maritime things in PCB? i.e. Ships, Yachts, Hotel Beaches, Beaches just anything of the sort. I got the idea earlier with how many Yachts and ships others and I have been building lately.
While I think I could of posted this in the events area I would just like to see if I should make the rules more broad/general and open.
and if this does get approved I would like to keep it to Shaders & Regular MC Texture Packs only


Oh yes, definetly.

pictures of skylines from the water? :smiley:

I don’t have shaders, and I think it would be an operation to get them. You wouldn’t mind if the shaders were not used in the pictures?

Do we post em here?

Nah, I’ll make an event in the events section (after I get back from school)

I approve of this idea. I have a few ocean-front survival properties I can use.