MineCraft Lego.


This for all you lego fans. Or MineCraft fans or both. I think this looks awesome.

Pretty kewl, but how are we gonna make mansions out of that small thing? D:

Ok, I will order 31 sets, and make a mansion out of that!

You must be rich to afford that.

I’m poor :C

lol i would NEVER spend that much!

This is just mojang and lego going ‘How can we get more money? I know! Let’s make an overpriced toy! YAY!’ Then customers go ‘YAY A NEW MINECRAFT/LEGO THING!’ then open the box and realise they paid £30 for 100g of plastic which doesn’t make more than a 10cmx10cmx10cm model and are deeply dissapointed.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! But it is still kinda cool. xD And will get more people into minecraft. Unfortunately most of them will be about 10 and annoy the hell out of me.