Minecraft, Java virtual machine launcher. Fixed

OK Ive had this problem an thought my world had been crushed but tbh its simple to fix
I felt i had to share this and if anyone would like to make this simple or edit then post it and i will change

This fix will get rid off Java virtual machine launcher
could not create the java virtual machine
this error not sure what this is but the fix works for me. sorry didnt add this before i was tired

OK , Again this is for xp/vista/windows 7 Im sure it works for all of these

Step 1: Start>run>notepad
Step 2: copy this into notepad java -Xms650m -jar " and keep this open
Step 3: find your minecraft.exe and right click and goto properties
Step 4: OK. there should be a location and to the right of that it will give you the location copy this and go back to your notepad
Step 5: once your back in notepad paste what you just copied next to the " and you might have to add \Minecraft.exe to it , if its already there then don’t ofc .
Step 6: File>Save and name it Minecraft.bat
Step 7: IF you have copied what Ive said an its right then open the Minecraft.bat and minecraft should load if it doesn’t then watch the youtube link i will provide


As my minecraft.exe is located in
C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\minecraft
I would have to add
\Minecraft.exe to it then save it as Minecraft.bat and it will work.

SO my end result would be. java -Xms650m -jar "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\minecraft\Minecraft.exe


If you want to change the location for the minecraft.exe you will have to add the new location to your Minecraft.bat file in order to do this right click Minecraft.bat and select edit and again just save as Minecraft.bat

Another thing. while mc is open DONT CLOSE THE Minecraft.bat . it will always be running in the background. if you close you will have a error log in the location of the bat file . just delete it if u know why it appeared.

You can also make a short cut to your desktop for the Minecraft.bat just right click and Send to > Desktop

Its not as hard as it sounds honest, when i first found out how i was almost lost but i followed a guide an it was wrong but i tinkered with it an soon had mc working .

Any problems with this pm/leave a message and if worst comes we could use team viewer and ill create it for you :slight_smile:

i’ve had this happen to me b4 and i did this and it fixed and now its doing it again and i cant get it to work so please help me with teamviewer

This was posted half a year ago -.- Please don’t do this with posts again unless it’s REALLY needed.

lol dw vi this is meant to be left untill som1 needed help, i would re download Mc files oversly delete the .minecraft folder beforehand or force update then sync ur date/time settings as this can effect Java based games then if still doesnt work re do the batch fix

hope this helps