Minecraft Down?

Just attempted to go onto PCB again, after going off it about an hour ago, and it just generates a new map. So i go ‘oh, okay must e down then’ and try another of my maps saved to favourites on womclient. well… none of those work either.
So i try out of wom client, still nothing. Try Wom again, and now it asks me to check if the url is correct.
But it doesnt stop there, i go onto the minecraft site, and it wont load, the site is down too.
Ima ssuming this is to do with Minecraft going to beta tomorrow, but just asking to see if anyone knows for sure.



Minecraft.net is not down anymore.
PCB is not loading… Must be down, or not updated or something…
If you saw what happened to creative when the halloween update happened, what if beta comes? xD See u guys at BETA :smiley:

so is it down or am i looking for the wrong thing… well i don’t relly know what it is

It’s down. Something is preventing the server from starting. Wait until Beta and the new server software is released

Edit: never mind. The server is back up

Down again now? xD

so it’s still projectcitybuild 24/7???

In theory it is 24/7. In terms of actual execution, it’s up for as long as the server can handle it…

think that it’s down again :’( :’(

i ONLY just logged on using firefox, tryed to go to the haxs clien and it died within this time! XD