Minecraft 1.8 pictures thread!

Here is a little thread a made for pictures of MC 1.8. This is so people dont need to go searching on the web to get 1.8 pics. Enjoy :D! I will update as more come out.(sorry the enderman/pumpkin one wuz so small D:)

Picture for today features the new terrain/biome generation for 1.8 (rivers and deep oceans):

Deep oceans?! I want! It makes sense too. When was the last time you were near bedrock and feared a flood of water?

The oceans and river divisions would also certainly help with marking territories. Imagine major towns/cities on each island!

We can make countries instead of towns now! :smiley:

we could use this map for it

Deep oceans would be cool. Like abbys and stuff. The only new forms that have been comfimed are rivers, strongholds, and ravines

I really want rivers, just seems too epic. Like we could build realistic medieval cities down the sides of it, you know like where theres a sand biome you build Egypt and so on an so forth.

Imma go kayaking!

How did we forget these?

In-built flying?

New texture-based night time lighting system (as opposed to chunk based) and looks slightly different colour too

I can’t see anything!




There will be a legit way to fly in 1.8

How do you mean shadow?

Noticed sim things

Not sure if this is coincidental either but if you look carefully the tops of all the high mountains are covered in snow (and they’re not biomes either)

Thats not particularly useful but it does add realism, so its all good I guess. But I really just want to see it now they can add more stuff in updates, it seems they just keep on thinking f more things to put in. C’mon Notch.

I wonder what the mushroom biome will be like. Mushroom mobs :O?

It appears that images from 1.8 were leaked during the livestream. An image full of arrows, seperate image files for chests (including chests with open lids) and the XP orb.

Maybe we will be able to open, close, and lock chests