Minecraft 1.8+ and 1.9

Images are already coming, here is one posted by jeb:

(I circled it because people might not notice it)
It is some new type of “netherbrick” made into a bridge. (Made by NPCs?!?!?!)


A COW?!?!
This “mooshroom” was mentioned by notch himself and are planned (not 100% offical) to appear in the new mushroom biomes. (There is also a huge mushroom and rotting grass behind the mooshroom)



Well Mooshroom is the unofficial name but thats what it was mentioned by

Ok im bumping this mooshrooms will be able to be sheared and they also have mushrooms growing on their back, and they are comfirmed to be in the upcoming mushroom biome.

k im double bumping cause noone has replyed ina while
another netherbrick bridge picture posted by jeb:

it looks like there are 4 bridges connecting and there is some kind of building looking thing in the center (yes this photo is photoshop’d to be brighter)

A Nether Keep… :o
Perhaps its like a stronghold, just in the nether!

Prehaps… They may be nether dungeons

or zombie pigman settlements


the new nether mob MAY be some kind of flesh demon thing

this is important :

new mob tweeted by notch

The new mob is called a snow golem. They will be friendly, and leave a trail of snow in their path. They will also throw snowballs at enemy mobs and they will not harm the player, and they will be craftable!
Here is a trolling math equation:

Wolf army+snow golem army+enemy army=total anihalation

Notch just tweeted:

Designing a villager mob. They won’t do much in 1.9, but at least they will spawn with (new) villages.

Finally! Something to pillage/raid/dominate/blow up!

Bumping again T_T…
Minecraft 1.9 will have a “hardcore” mode. And now… passive mobs will no longer spawn :open_mouth:
Animal breeding will be implemented, so if u kill every kind of a mob that mob may then be -“extermiated” This may have a good side to it, possible allowing us to be able to kill of creepers or zombies. Maybe cross breeding as well? Images a chicken-creeper. Also some 1.9 adds/changes:
Water+lava=stone now (rather than cobblestone)
Mining is safer now! If you are under a massive lava lake droplets will ooze through the blocks, but not having any effects on the player.(same with water)
Blaze rod may be able to make better weapons
Villagers accutally do stuff rather than mindlessly walking around

Wow, seems like 1.9 was the 1.8 we were hoping for…

There is a ton load of more stuff, just posted some of the things the wiki forgot.

Moar stuff!
New Minecart, enderman, door, rain, skeleton, silverfish, slime, bow and shear sounds
Feed wheat to animals makes them go into “breeding mode” (O_o)
Baws mobs in strongholds
Better armor perks
Adds a frontal 3rd person viewing mode to F5
XP will have a use such as longer hunger or health duration
Strongholds will be unlimited (but still rare :P)

Thats all! (Oh and scratch that- villagers will still be stupid in 1.9- 1.10 will have the better AI)

I’m pretty sure the breeding only applies to passive mobs like chicken, cows, pigs, sheep and perhaps squid?

FINALLY! Been dying to get that back since they took it out :frowning:

Well ya never know… Would i like to lead an army of biologically bred creepers, bred with wolfs so they will ally me? Yes :>
Also, you may be able to switch between 3 different viewing modes with F5- 1st, 2nd, 3rd person viewings. (look it up what each means for all of you which havent endured years of english class and dont know the difference between the three is)

This will probably ->NOT<- be included in Beta 1.9, but it's a nice screenshot: