Minecraft 1.5.1 Test Server

The test server has been updated to an experimental Bukkit build (1.5.1). All our plugins are currently being tested out. The ranking system is currently broken as it does not link to our forums.

IP: projectcitybuild.com

Please do not ask when the main server will be updated. It will be updated only when all the plugins are stable and working and when a stable bukkit build has been released.

dear pcb team
its me chrisjebuilds on 18-3-2013
i play on 1.5.1 server and it is higly griefed an house with iron a cocoa bean farm gone and more

greetz chrisjebuilds
grief detective

You need to write the coords etc Chris

Chris I have been on the server and rolled back hopefully yr grief and Hards. The people had been banned prior to me going on but noone had rolled back hope all ok now