mine craft problems

hi all i just want to know if any of you have or had the same issue as me but on 1.1 in the chat bar there is no colour for ranks ect. :stuck_out_tongue: just wondering if any of you guys know how to fix it


I have the same thing. I have reason to belive its singleplayer commands.
Il look into this and get back to you

That didn’t happen to me, and i have single player commands.

@hard- thanks but i dont have single player commands :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I got rid of it and i still have it… wtf…,

I have no mods and mine is working like normal. One thing you can try is to play with the language options. I set mine to pirate for a while. Perhaps changing it fixed mine without me knowing?

I don’t have this issue. If it’s inconsistent then there’s reason to believe it is a client-side mod causing this or a command you may have triggered

Im assuming this is a texture pack issue? try the default texture pack, if it works then see if you can locate the file for the text and jimmy rig a working texture pack with it.

Its not a mod. Im in default english. And in default texture. I also reinstalled minecraft

That’s weird. I have a ton of mods installed right now, and everything appears as normal.

Then perhaps a server command caused it. I remember whubilly asking me the same question about it, and both of you have a nickname. Could that be the cause?

I dont have a nickname

i think it could be mc nostalgia and it might have messed up my .minecraft folder but i think that once we update to 1.2 it might be fixed