Bin for soiled pants is over here --> _/

Ah World of Warcraft… I remember those days… I’ve gotta say that this looks exactly the same as it is in the real game.
Detail is friggen awesome. My reaction: Awesome pure awesomeness.

2b2t’s server map is a couple hundred gigs last I checked

seen it before…

[size=small]Now if only they can do this for all the maps from GTA then that would be a kick-butt map!

Wow. My pants have just been soiled. *tosses pants into bin _/. But this is epic. This left me gawking. That dude is awesome. I never played WoW before but I may start now just because of this. Huge props to him. And a little props to Hard for showing us this masterpiece. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sniff sniff SO BEAUTIFUL! Sniff sniff :’(

Its not a free MMORPG and you have to pay for months and then there’s buying the actual game then the expansions… It ain’t cheap. Buying the game gives you 1 month of playing it then you have to buy time to play to.
This game is expensive to play. If you buy each expansion and the game you’ll be spending around 160$ but then you have to buy time because 1 month isn’t long and with that that’s around 200$.

BUT you can use a free trial for as long as you want and its free, but you can only get to level 20. I’d say try that out first before buying the game, but I believe that you can’t do dungeons and be parties. If you do want the best experience then you will have to buy the game.

If you want a fun, AMAZING MMO that you don’t have to pay for time I’d recommend Guild Wars 2. IMO GW2 is way better xD

… I probably wasnt really gonna start… that sentence was just emphasizing that the guy is awesome. But um… thanks for the advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about that I was just trying to tell you what you would get into if you played that. xD
Only did that because of this sentence XD

eh its ok I realize you were trying to give me good advice. :stuck_out_tongue: The next time I go looking for an awesome free MMO I will take your advice :slight_smile: