I founded a modern-only town I call Minalist in a creative desert, at (-981, 65, -1575). It’s a completely open town, meaning you’re allowed to build your own buildings as long as the match the style of your block. There’s a rule board in game, but I’ll put the rules here, anyway…


[ol][li]Follow general server rules, the normal city stuff, and use common sense! If you aren’t sure if something will be acceptable, just ask me. [/li]
[li]Please ask me for a lot, and no, no money is going to be passed around. It’s all for show. Don’t ask me through signs, they look ugly and I can’t get rid of them if the need arises. [/li]
[li]Make sure your building matches the style of your ‘block,’ or the three buildings around you. Slight differences are fine, but try to keep the same general block palette. [/li]
[li]Please view the town in the Pamplemousse texture/resource pack, with full brightness. It just looks better, compared to Default. If not, things like leaves, white clay, glowstone, light sensors, and glass will appear differently than intended. [/li]
[li]Try to stay original. Using the web for basic ideas is completely fine, just don’t go copying Kerealis houses block-by-block. [/li]
[li]There is a limit of two buildings per block for each person. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, take up the entire block, unless specifically told so. [/li]
[li]Have fun, and remember, we have a zero-greif tolerance! If you’re caught greifing, you’re banned from the city, no questions asked. [/li][/ol]

Just a quote from hard here: “Only bad builders need texture packs”

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