Millo Radio


nice like it

May I also post Music?

Not bad :3 I can say it’s not a song that’s been killed on the radio yet. Would def tune in again for some more.

Get Lucky is an awesome song bro, good choice.

Agreed. Just reply to your first thread, but change the topic of your post. That way it will come up as “Day 2” in the unread topics section without spamming threads.

As it is now, it could be called spam. Please try to keep it to one thread.

I still don’t see the problem with just 1 thread. People won’t have to scroll through as it’ll take them to the last post anyway. Saying that, looking through all of the forum boards is more effort. And lets be honest, noone is going to frequently visit these threads to listen to the music when they can simply youtube it anyway.

Apart from that, another good song.

Your choice, but that wasn’t the point really… I like the music you’ve been posting, just dislike the spam.

Meh. Up to you.

I like this song but I actually never seen the music video. Good choice though.

Nam, you can carry on doing this if you want, but keep it in 1 thread. I you click reply instead of using the quick reply you can edit the title so it still says day1 day2 or whatever.

Merged topics, just change the subject of your replies for new days please.