<> Middlebury Motel <> Now Open!

Welcome to the Middlebury Motel!

Featured in idealic Middlbury - perfect for new members and guests who cannot afford to buy but are in Middlebury to work!

To get to Middlebury Motel simply /warp Motel

A KTINC Hotel - KTINC “Service your way”

Buy a cheap houses in tyba-- Just kidding c: Sounds cool Ka, I’d like to hear more about this motel.

Oh I just might have to buy another lot in Tybalt >:D for the Tybalt Townhomes :smiley:

Donate dirt to MilloVillo… juuuuust kidding… but seriously. I need dirt.

Buy some?

Ill trade for hugs.

“will give dirt for food”

Will do redstone for redstone.