Middlebury Condos: Future Landmark

Yes…another Middlebury post, but trust me this one is good. We plan on making a new condominium building that will take up an entire city block. This is soon become the 2nd tallest building, by approximately 8 blocks which will make the building’s views stunning.

This wont be the “average sub-standard oak 'n cobble building” you may know Middlebury for. We plan on using new materials such as stone brick, iron, and more glass. This building will truly be new and different, instantly making it a landmark in the community. Despite the expected popularity, access inside this condominium will be limited to only residents and their guests Prices are expected to range from $950-$2,300 with in home amenities such as:

-iron/spruce floors
-floor-to-ceiling windows
-redstone lamp lighting
-private balconies

and private community amenities such as:
-password lock lobby doors
-above ground pool
-complementary room service

We are currently waiting for Henryk to sell his shop property back to Middlebury, which we believe can happen with the 1.5 update. If anyone is interested in helping with the project, post below. Reservations are encouraged.

Future Building Location: http://imgur.com/oYgsTVQ