Microsoft Hololens Minecraft


Looks pretty cool!

On the table! Now that is cool! 8)


Holy shit…

So the future really is here…

This is not regular MC, this is actually a variant of pocket edition. And also probably a huge gimmick, I highly doubt the HoloLens will ever become a mass-market product, and I don’t think many people will actually use this to view MC worlds. And the mojang devs are busy enough, so it will most likely never be updated.

Oh, and the hololens is pretty bad as well. It has a very narrow field of view, you can see the edges unless you look directly ahead. It won’t look anything like that video, because they’re running the HoloLens software on the camera’s perspective, which is much wider.

In other news, I’m changing my name to Mr Buzz Killington

Go read this article, like most “futuristic” tech, it’s badly thought out and over hyped.


[youtube]! No longer available[/youtube]
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Looks like a waste of money to me… Other than that it looks pretty cool.

You must be fun at parties…

PCB best response of the year award goes to Ducky! That is how you define an octo response people!

I need to get a table upgrade…

<[OP] ~OCTO> t/nick MrBuzzKillington

Amazing !