MGPrince appreciation post

Prince has helped me out since day one, I would just like to say thanks to him ;D :-* Also, everyone add there own Prince stories.

Well, I Don’t have a story of prince but, he helped you because he was todo unbusy or he doesn’t have anything to do. Idk xD.

Or, Because we are too busy on his town and he feels appreciated too :smiley:

That’s my opinion of the SOP Prince hehe.


Prince let a dragon loose at Hogwarts… It still hasn’t been found. #BlamePrince

Prince banned and unbanned me for grief back in 2015…

I then let him try this plugin/mod thing in my town in 2016…

And I think there was something about me being his mother or something??..

Anyway my opinion of Prince is that he’s a very, very good SOP :slight_smile:

A very caring man and a loving father.

A real modern day Jesus.

Carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and then asks for more.

A proponent of all things wise and true, he once told me that, “Morality is not properly the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness.”

Joe/Maddy/Mark Love Triangle. Its happening.

(this is hella weird for anyone who doesnt understand)

He nominated me for trusted. :slight_smile:

I haven’t met Prince that many times, but I do remember him helping me become member, along with Madant. I’ve seen many of his builds, and I like how supportive Prince has been to the server. I also like it how Prince prefers to make his buildings have rooms that have tall ceilings.

he’s good

He’s so nice to me, he let me to build anything in Belmont and in BuenosAmigos he let me to build a parking with Adrian on Mannriah’s build (of course i have the idea of building it for workers of the company) and he helped me on minimal World Edits (don’t remember where) for example removing a build in portland that it was ugly.

He is so kind and good with me :slight_smile:

I don’t really have a story to share with Prince…but he is one of the most amazing people I have gotten to know on the server! He always finds a way to make other people laugh and smile. For example I am glad to hear I am not the only one who doesn’t like 1D. xD

Well. Mark, Joe, and I are in a love triangle. He is my husband and im using him for his money and starbucks. But he is pretty great too. Mark has a special place in my heart. He makes me laugh and is there for me when needed. He is not only a fantastic SOP but an amazing friend as well. <3 <3

Mark used to hate me.

I think he hates me slightly less now.



I’m just a smelly cunt, k? Also I’m glad I waited to comment saying “aw thx” and bullshit because seeing some of these comments [shadow=red,left]brightened[/shadow] my day. For the record, @MrFerf I hate you, @jmvvana + @maddygabbyy <33333, @Katycat_ EWWWW 1D, @ItzAndre_13 you’re welcome boo, @EpicOskar K then…, @ClaudiaCandy and taught you how to build better things with shapes and colors that weren’t flat lol ,@Ital now if only you used the past tense i probably would have flipped the shit b/c I’m very well [size=2em]ALIVE!, @BroodingSet Yea tell me about it you and everyone else must know by now how much I hate low ceilings Cough, @XQueenTigerX I object to being a mother…DADDY TOO xD, @CallumWebb123 and the dragon has yet to be found… , lastly @gypsycurse Thx for bringing awareness that I exist in case nobody knew who I was somehow.

This post is a mess.

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IM DELETING YOU, MGPRINCE​:sob::wave::trumpet:

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no but seriously, who is this prince person?

everytime i see this guy all i can think is

Then i realize its his smelly cunt