Metropolitan International Airport COMING SOON

Hello All,

As you probably know dragonville or the town near spawn has been leveled to make way for Metropolitan International Airport. Work has already begun. The purpose of the airport is to connect Corravista, WestSpur and Orca Ville via an airport.

Thank you,

Ka_52, Filipenis and CherryRed

I think maybe a subway system would be better, or at least one under the airport.

There will be a subway and monorail connecting as well.

Cool. Can i organize the subway system under the airport. I have a perfect system, if constant mine carts don’t cause too much lag.

While it is as useless as highways (due to the lack of vehicles other than minecarts and boats, both of which cannot be used in either situation and location), I would like to see how it would turn out, I have never seen an MC airport before.

I would like to help with the air port, also if there is any redstone involved i would be happy to crash the server xD

So do a lot of mine carts cause a lot of lag? Before completely getting rid of the idea please let me show you a small scale model to show what i mean.

Can’t wait to start!(Yes I will help…maybe…if I feel like it)
Ok ill do whatever you need!

As far as I know, boats are the only non-optimised vehicle

But, if you create excessive amounts of minecarts (hundreds) then it will start to cause lag in that area.

I’m not sure if that only lags the client or the server, I remember when there were thousands of item on the ground and it was client side lag.

Either way, it causes lag. :stuck_out_tongue:

Progress has come to a halt! the workers are on strike!

Just me because tools ka and rex had to go rename the thing when everyone settled on a name… Metropolitan International Airport.

They changed it to a cute cuddly Lakeview Airport.

And they expected me to go through and change EVERY sign.

Fili we will discuss this online, however all the signs are changed and I am not a tool.

Airport continues!

I want to help, just let me know where and when.

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