Memory Monday

Does anybody have some old PCB memories (More than a year) they’d like to share in pictures? I was digging through some old pictures on my old computer I used to game on, and found a few gems XD

Here’s a small collection from Forsyth v1 on Survival, back when I acted like a power hungry, invincible, big corporation (If you were around back then, you know):


I remember forsyth… it infected me with the desire to live under bridges.

Ah, yes, you came along and completely destroyed Paradise Falls…

Good times :L

The roads… oh god the roads.


Basically anything from the 2015 quotes thread before it was hijacked by penis jokes.

EDIT: and anything from my sig

Cringing so hard looking at this.


“I was gonna give them back if he removed that douchebag construction.” SAVAGE AF

 Ah, Minecraft Beta 1.6.6. It almost felt like yesterday. I have no pictures in store for you, because I lost them. Anyways, long before I joined PCB, I got myself Minecraft for the Xbox 360. It was July 7th, 2012, and I created a new world (I don't need tutorials). I spawned in a forest near a giant lake. I punched a bunch of trees, of course. And, I built my first house in less than a day. I knew I was going to become a good builder. 

 I wanted to explore. I left the lake area and went Northward. After passing a hill, I found another lake. And, there was  a tall hill in the distance. It was turning night, and I freaked out. I climbed up the hill successfully. And, there was a spider. It killed me. I didn't know it was a spider at the time, and thought it was a blob. Afraid of another mob attacking me where I spawned, I decided of building a wooden wall around my house. This gave me an idea. I started building houses around my spawn. It took days to build the village, but I didn't care. 

 Once I finished, I decided of traveling back to where I died, and build another town on top of the tall hill. Also, I built a village at the base of the hill, and I built a cottage in a nearby Taiga biome. Lastly, I built a thin bridge across the lake, that was next to the village. My building skills seemed to advance. I have played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 for years, and I never stopped playing it. You could say I got addicted to Minecraft.

 About five months later on Left 4 Dead 2, I met someone who would later become my best friend named Arrowsnap. He was nice, and he had a lot of friends on Xbox Live. They have met each other in school. Except Toppings, he was a Canadian. They're also my friends, but some of them have left for college. And, many others have either disliked my friends, or just stopped going online. I was an exception, because I was just typical, and never argued. They have told me their real names, but I think it's better to call them by their nicknames. As the months passed, Arrowsnap, Atomic Waters, I is Yak, Toppings, and I have played on numerous Minecraft worlds. A hardcore mode was added to Minecraft on the PC. So Arrowsnap came up with a way to play hardcore by kicking the player from the game if he/she dies in game. But, they can still stay in the party and chat with everyone. Also, we have our own channel on youtube that started at the end of January of 2014. We have many videos, but a small amount of subscribers. It has some crude humor. Despite that, I still became typical as I am today.

 This is the occasional routine that I've been following until the fall of 2014. My friends started to become more busy as the days passed. Everyone except Arrowsnap and Atomic Waters stopped talking to me, and them. And, I started to play online with random players with no microphones. During the year of 2014, I got Minecraft for the PC, and there was no one to talk to. But, I found servers on the internet that had a massive amount of players in them. They were fun, but I found no friends. It was boring, but at February 12th of the same year, I found PCB. And, that's when PCB tells the tale from here.

 This post was more than a memory. They were memories. I went a bit overboard on this, but I don't mind.