MelissaSprong - 2014/07/22


Minecraft Username MelissaSprong

Date of Ban 2014/07/22
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by anthjmon10

Reason for Ban

Reason to be Unbanned Because i have be griefed to 3 times.
I din’t like it and i know who it was so i griefed him to (payback) and plz take me back

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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Note to Anth, a few of her friends came on the server to ask to unban her by spamming us.

I had to ban them all.

If what Ducky says is true, and from what the appeal says, I’m honestly on the fence. It’s Anth’s decision, however.

If I am reading your appeal correctly, Just because someone griefs you doesn’t mean you can do it back. I also had found grief in guest town from you. After reading your badly written appeal and what other staff said I will just let you stay banned.