Me playing the bugle.

Hi guys. Some of you know I am in a marching band (well most of you) and today in England it is rememberance sunday.
My band got asked to do a parade and I had to play last post and reveille with another guy, and someone filmed it and put it on youtube.

It’s below feel free to joke about band camp as much as you like -.- (I’m the guy on the left)

so this one time at band camp…

How did I know you was gonna say that gg…

Were you in London? If so… I seen you.

Yeah we are in london. Where did you see us? lol.

Cross Deep, in Twickenham. I also saw it along the river Thames.

I’ve never been Twickenham or River thames with my band lol… when was this?

Yesterday, did you notice is a slightly large building with a clock on it? like a little church?

I did my parade yesterday in upminster… lol

Vai, you think you see everyone in london… XD!, also nice one whu =D, takes alot of courage to preform infront of alot of people. if i was wearing a hat i would take it off and salute you.

Apparently, there are many fat people with long curly hair XD
And I didn’t see him in particular, I just saw this random band in my street.

I play trumpet! =D So I can say that this is some nice playing!

A lot better than what I could’ve done with the bugle, so good job! :smiley:

This reveille sound a little different than the one I woke up to in the US Air Force, but its quite nice. The one I heard always WOKE you up with a blast of noise.

Urm vaio. Do you remember the colour of their uniform? I think it may be a certain band but i’m not sure…

Reveille isn’t in this video. The guy didn’t post it becuase we kinda cocked it up :stuck_out_tongue:

waitwaitwait, one of us has a life outside of minecraft?


What’s so funny?

i play the alto sax. Suck on that noobiths

I can play bass guitar and trumpet and euphonium and trombone. suck on that.