Me dancing retardedly in a lamb costume

It’s a new hobby. XD (Too much crack)

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The Rebeccah moves | EP 2

um… Lol?

I’m hyper… you see? :slight_smile:

What. The. Fuck.

um ok thats crazy

I don’t know whether I should run… or hide… or a combination of the two, but something tells me that I will never un-see what I have just watched… D=

On a brighter note I must say your choice of expressive dancing is most random! XD


This is definetly one level below child porn. Are you sure you werent forced to do this??

lol. I pretty much agree with the above comments.

lol, I assume you were exhausted due to prior flipping out? Or was that part of the act? Either way, you managed to scar the minds of every viewer. :slight_smile:

Italian, this is nowhere near what you were suggesting. The bunny suit was a full cover up and I did not see anything suggestive. Meh, it is what is is, whatever that is…

Umm… Do your parents know you are dancing for public entertainment? :stuck_out_tongue:

Uyessss… XD

I know, I was kinda joking about that Kyle :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you might have been, but the emoticon and how you wrote it seemed like you meant it. No matter, we get to ponder more about the sanity of our friends. Fun times!

Eeheheh… These videos show the side of me you don’t want to see…