MDH, The oldschool guy

Hello everyone,

       I played freebuild about 6 years ago on beta minecraft, didnt ge too in to this new stuff. Wanting to start my creativity back up and build some cool stuff with everyone! I'm probably a mid-level skill when it comes to building, I can make some pretty impressive stuff. Here's some screenshots from back in the day!

Welcome to PCB

Welcome to PCB!=D it’s nice to meet you and your builds look perty cool!

Welcome to PCB

ps. Damn son feel free to build in my city, those pics look pretty impressive

Just and FYI they’re screenshots from 2011, I haven’t built anything much since then besides some survival play with my friends.

Welcome to PCB

VVelcome to PCB!


Welcome! Those are impressive builds for that era of mc!

Sry for necro :confused:

If you’re sorry then don’t necro <_>