Mclean1997 Ban Appeal

Reason for ban: Greiffing and spamming while in web chat
banned by: i dont know
date: july sometime
i greifed on my friends property (jplett’s sand castel) and was going to fix it but was banned first. then i was on web chat and they where making fun of me so i started swearing and spamming the chats

please unban me


AHAHAHAHAH, No. You were extremely rude while in server map, basically threatening jplett and we had no way to kick you. you then started to spam with adjghfdshjngfjdknfdshbjdhbkgj and sujflkdshjkbgnrjksn etc etc… no i do not think you should be unbanned. i do not care, if you seriously wanted to be unbanned you shouldve behaved more adult. we told you how to post an apeal multiple times. we banned you like a week ago and you just now post an apeal? i seriously doubt you should rejoin the server. guys my vote is:


I have no right to vote here as I wasn’t on at the current time.

i was on too at the time of his ban. i agree with ggg. NO

1st reason

2nd reason
mclean1997 Reported by Player (KeatonMW3)


he didn’t even write his own ban appeal i wrote it for him because he wouldn’t shut up

denied. locked.

I was also on at the time, he was totally disrespectful to ggg by swearing and not listening…I totally agree with Hard, ggg, and Keaton.


When you say ‘locked’ dont forget to lock it :stuck_out_tongue:

i did D:

Apparently not :stuck_out_tongue: