McForge update!

Good news classic players! McForge, our server software has just been updated to This has several bug fixes but the most important one is that we are now listed again on

Almost all classic servers broke due to something Mojang did. We should get normal players again now. Check in an help out!

Sound like its time for us to burn the midnight oil and get on when theirs a fair few players aye? :wink:

Just to add to this update post; Mcforge has (untill recently) been overlooked and worked on by a contracted ‘employee’. Essentially mcforge was passed on to another developer, this developer however gave up on the idea and tryed to shut down the progress for mcforge altogether. This was a breech of their contract and mcforge went back to being developed by the original caretaker, so progress should start improving again!

All in all, sounds like a good time in the mcforge world!

Woohoo! Classic is still becoming less buggy!

There were bugs?

Yes, minor, however, there are now less.

THere is no such thing as bugless coding.

Okay, I have no idea WTF has been going on with my port forwarding. I spent a few hours trying to figure out why only one of my MC ports (my SQL port) were forwarding correctly. I could not find my server listed on nor could I even ping my PC through open ports. And yet my internet worked…

After much grief and resets, everything has just started working again. Funny, turning off all my firewalls (router and PC) made it worse for a while. Someone please make one post to let me know you got on classic. When I last checked, no one had been on for 4 days or so. That is, since the bug with

I did just install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 so maybe that did something? I need it for my class.

Weeeee eeeeeeee eeeee classic updateeeed

K, got online, pain in the ass though, many problems… ; Isnt showing the server as up, even though womdirectlist and cmd pinging shows it is.
wom client is having alot of trouble connecting to too, logging into wom can take a lot of click spamming before it goes through
woms server list ‘search’ function is really delayed, searching for ‘project’ took about 1:20 seconds

Errors are being created, but not fixed as classic is more or less unsupported now… pain in the ass =[